Viewing and Buying

Please email or telephone to make an appointment to view our guitars. See 'FINDING US' for directions

All prices are in Sterling. As yet we do not accept credit cards.

All our guitars, except those listed as Student Guitars, are 'concert guitars'. All that means is that thay all have enough power and projection to be played and heard in a concert hall.
It does not mean that they are unsuitable for non-professional players or players who never give concerts.
Professional or full time student guitarists will usually have a reasonable idea of the kind of guitar they are seeking.
If you don't fall into these categories and this is your first venture into considering owning a concert guitar there are a few points to keep in mind to enable you to find the right guitar for you.
Number one, and most inportant, is that the best guitar is the guitar that best suits YOUR syle and playing requirements.
It's no good buying a guitar made by a famous luthier if you feel unable to play it. Other than the comfort of knowing you can probably sell it on quite easily, it's somewhat of a waste of time.
Preconceived ideas or only a limited knowledge of lutherie may push one to a preference for a particluar style of guitar construction but the only definitive way of assessing a guitar is to play it and preferably for a reasonable length of time. Each guitar to some extent has an inherent sound characteristic but it is really you, the musician, who makes the guitar sound. That sound will be different to each player depending on many factors inluding nail length, use of free stroke, rest stroke or a combination of both, how dynamics are used and the tempo you take different pieces.
All of the above should hopeflly persuade you that playing as many guitars as you can is the route to finding your preferred instrument. Many you will reject right away but that is part of the process. You would never have known without trying them.