Second Hand Guitars

At dk Classical Guitars we appreciate that buying a new classical guitar is neither an everyday event nor without its soul searching. An important consideration may be how to realise the value of your existing guitar.
We appreciate the issues relevant to making these significant purchases and are therefore pleased to offer a marketing service for your old guitar.

Our service offers the following features:

⦁ We will only offer to sell second hand guitars of high quality and the condition of the guitar must be the best it can be considering it's age.

⦁ There is an initial fee of 50.00* for all guitars submitted for sale. This fee is to cover insurance and assessment of the guitar's condition by a highly qualified luthier. Currently we employ Scottish luthiers William Kelday and Michael Ritchie to carry out the survey which includes the overall structural condition of the guitar as well as the aesthetic condition.

⦁ The luthier will advise of any remedial work needing to be carried out for the guitar to come up to our standards for resale.

⦁ Any structural work required will have to be undertaken  and paid for by the owner prior to us marketing the guitar. This might include the levelling of uneven frets or re-fixing a loose brace.
⦁ Any aesthetic work required is generally optional unless the finish is in really awful condition. This might include deep scratches or dings on the top. Fixing minor playing scratches are usually optional
⦁ A signed and dated certificate will be produced to accompany the guitar.
⦁ Your guitar will be marketed on our website at an offer price agreed with you.  This will include a full description with pictures and the certificate from our luthiers.
⦁ For an additional  fee you can opt to have a sound/video recording of you guitar played by an accomplished professional. Please ask for details of fee structure.
⦁ We will host potential buyers at our premises who would wish to try out and hopefully purchase the guitar
⦁ Upon sale, a pre-agreed commission will be charged. Please ask about our commission rates.
⦁ The price can be adjusted or the guitar withdrawn by you at any time by notifying us
⦁ * The £50.00 fee will be refunded if you were to purchase another guitar through us.

Small Print
⦁ Please be advised that this is not a trade-in service.  Your old guitar remains your property until it is sold or returned to you.
⦁ If unsold after 1 year, the guitar will be returned to you at your expense