Kris Barnet 2015Kris Barnet 2015Sascha Nowak Germany 2020Sascha Nowak Germany 2020Kevin Aram 'Torres' 2021Kevin Aram 'Torres' 2021Roberto Pozzi ItalyRoberto Pozzi ItalyMark Burnet Scotland 2021Mark Burnet Scotland 2021Roberto Pozzi, ItalyRoberto Pozzi, ItalyWilliam Kelday 2018William Kelday 2018Tobias Braun, Austria 2021Tobias Braun, Austria 2021Michael Ritchie. Scotland 2021Michael Ritchie. Scotland 2021Aidan Edwards, ScotlandAidan Edwards, ScotlandMichael Ritchie 2021 Cedar TopMichael Ritchie 2021 Cedar TopKevin Aram Cedar 2018Kevin Aram Cedar 2018Kolya Panhuyzen, GermanyKolya Panhuyzen, GermanyJaroslav MachJaroslav MachManuel Contreras, 1987Manuel Contreras, 1987Pete Beer, ScotlandPete Beer, ScotlandGioachino Giussani ItalyGioachino Giussani ItalyColin Morison, Scotland 1999Colin Morison, Scotland 1999Danilo Bazzana, ItalyDanilo Bazzana, ItalyKevin Aram 2014Kevin Aram 2014

WE ARE OPEN - We continue to send guitars by carrier throughout UK, Europe and worldwide during the current crisis.

Our premises in Central Scotland will be open again from March 2021 for viewings. Please email or phone to arrange a time.

All our classical guitars are made single handed by guitar makers worldwide.

Many of our luthiers have been making classical guitars for more than four decades and most have been making guitars for over 20 years.

See the list on the right of all the new and luthier approved second hand classical guitars we keep in stock for immediate sale.

We have concert classical guitars from England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain many other countries.

We take great care to choose luthiers who can provide concert guitars that are capable of gracing the concert stage worldwide but which are also affordable to the non-professional or student classical guitarist.

Take a look round the site and make a date to come and try any or all of the guitars in a quiet setting. All our guitars are easy to play, expertly crafted and visually stunning.

If you are unable to visit our premises in Central Scotland we do send guitars out on a trial basis.

There are a few videos on the site by international concert players demonstrating most of our guitars with more to follow shortly.

Thanks for visiting our website and be sure to get in touch when you are thinking of purchasing a new classical guitar.

We are delighted to add three of the world's most renowned luthiers to our list.
During 2021 we will receive guitars from Tobias Braun from Austria, Daniele Chiesa from Spain and John Ray from Granada.

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