Michael Ritchie of Fintry, Scotland

This Engleman spruce top guitar is an excellent example of Michael's work since spending two years in Granada learning the secrets of the masters.

Straight out the box, the guitar is immediately playable.There is no feeling of 'tightness'and would be ready to concertise with as soon as the player familiarises themselves with it's capabilities.

For a new spruce guitar, it has a beautiful warm, mellow tone. Fast response and the full dynamic range means even the quietest passages would be heard no problem. Very easy to play.The method Michael employs to construct the tension in the top, means that even when strung with hard tension strings,it feels easy under the fingers.

An excellent all round guitar suitable for all styles of music.

Michael Ritchie has been making guitars in Scotland for more than 10 years. Michael studied classical guitar making at Anniesland College in Glasgow under tutor William Kelday and now works out of William's workshop in Fintry.