Michael Ritchie of Fintry, Scotland - Spruce Top 2009

This guitar is sold but we have 2 new European spruce topped guitars from Michael arriving June 2010.

This spruce top guitar by Michael Ritchie has everything a concert guitarist requires. Built in the Granada style, the guitar has an understated power that belies it's appearance.

Without losing tone quality, the guitar is very clear in quiet passages and the louder you play,there always seems to be a little bit more volume available.

Balance and projection are excellent and the clarity of voices is a particular feature of Michael's guitars.

This guitar is extremely easy and comfortable for the left hand. Many luthiers make radiused fingerboards, but Michael's have something extra that makes the notes simply pour out.

Michael Ritchie is making a name for himself and it won't be long before his guitars are seen on the professional circuit. Time now to consider a young luthier as his work reaches it's peak.