Kevin Aram, Devon, England Spruce top - November 2009

We are very proud to be the first to represent

Kevin Aram's guitars in Scotland.

This guitar is a sheer delight! On first handling one is struck by the difference in the texture and aesthetics of the oil finish, compared to the more usual French polish. The matt finish gives the wood a more natural look and feel.

On first playing, the guitar opens up right away. There is no feeling of tightness. It is well balanced throughout - the trebles crystal clear as expected but can easily be softened with the slightest change of attack.

Basses are crisp and lush with great sustain that is also easy to control. It is very responsive - as though the guitar is ahead of the player's expression.

Overall the tone is warm and woody, much more so than most new spruce guitars, and there is volume to spare.

Of course the spruce will open up and improve in tone, so one can only imagine what delights the new owner of this guitar is in for.