DK Classical Guitars Consulting Services

Imagine the scene. You,ve done the overtime, the house is paid for, the kids are educated and away and you now have both me-time and some spare cash. Now is the time to think of yourself and get that marvellous, handmade guitar that you have always craved, but where do you start? More importantly, how do you avoid making an expensive mistake.
If this is your first foray into considering a luthier made guitar the amount of information you will find online can be quite daunting, if not intimidating. Claims and counter-claims abound on forums about which is the 'best' guitar.
There are almost endless questions to consider such as :
What materials to use regarding their sound properties, stability and sustainability.
Which cnstruction method : traditional Spanish, traditional N European,
modern lattice, double tops etc.
Questions about the musical capabilities of any guitar such as volume, dynamics, colours etc.
The physical attributes: body size, neck shape, fingerboard width.
There are wonderful luthiers spread worldwide but they all offer a variety of types, materials, costs, deliveries etc., etc, etc. How do you find these builders? Once you get a hold of them, what do you ask them? Having collected all the information, how do you decide which one to pick?
Our Service
DK Classical Guitars are pleased to offer a consulting support service to help you with your search for the perfect guitar. We are able to bring many years of diverse experience to help you find your ideal guitar.
The journey starts with a meeting (face-to-face or by phone / Skype) taking at least one hour. Through a structured discussion, we will discuss all aspects of your classical guitar playing including:
Your current guitar(s) and what you like or don,t like about them
Your playing experience, whether self taught or by formal lessons.
Your current repertoire and ambitions.
Players / guitars that you admire / dislike
The must-have features of your new instrument
Your budget and preferred timescales.
Based on our discussions, we will prepare a written report summarising our discussions and making recommendations on the qualities and possible makers of your new guitar. We can consult our luthier colleagues and performing friends for their input and , if appropriate. Using all this information, we can work with you to define a specification for a guitar that will suit your current musical requirements and will also help you fulfill your musical ambitions.
The report will provide you with sufficient background information about lutherie to enable you to talk intelligently to any of the luthiers you may wish to approach.
Our Costs
DK Classical Guitars can offer the initial consultation and report for a flat fee of 100 pounds.
When you feel you are ready to commssion a guitar you can take your report directly to any luthier you choose or you can work through us with one of the luthiers on our list.
The fee for your report will act as a deposit on any guitar you choose to purchase from our current stock or on a newly commissioned guitar from one of our luthiers.