PAUL FISCHER 2008 Spruce Price WAS 6,000.00 GBP now 5,000 GBP

PRICE WAS 6,000 NOW 5,000 gbp
Top: European spruce
Back and sides : Indian rosewood
Neck : Cedar
Fingerboard : Ebony
Hard case
Condition : Excellent

We are very pleased to represent two guitars made by Paul Fischer using the brand name 'Joseph Steinman'.
There is a very interesting story behind the Joseph Steinman name and the most comprehensive account of this is described in Paul Fischer's 2018 biography " Let the Wood Speak ". This chapter of the biography starts around the time Paul was leaving the workshop of David Rubio in Duns Tew to set up a workshop of his own :
"Before his final departure from Duns Tew Rubio passed on the 'Joseph Steinman' business to Paul; This cost the princely sum of 1.00. For which he received the business registration certificate and a pack of Steinman labels. This business had been created earlier when trading in Rubio instruments had been restricted by sole agency agreements. It had been set up to take advantage of a strong demand in Japan for instruments as a new brand, "Joseph Steinman". As well as having a new name these were very different guitars. Always made with Indian rosewood they had a new body shape, head design and rosette. The quality was the same as before, likewise the materials but, as an unknown brand, the price was lower. They were an instant success and more than once caused a chuckle when Japanese guitarists told stories about the Steinman guitars they had played at home being " as good as a Rubio ".
Paul resurrected the Steinman name around 2005 but only about 10 guitars were made using this brand name. The 2 we have for sale are therefore quite rare.
Both guitars are in excellent condition. They are constructed using traditional Spanish methods that Paul learned from David Rubio, rather than Paul's later more innovative 'Taut' models.
They both come with a document signed by Paul Fischer to prove their authenticity. A copy of Paul Fischer's biography 'Let the Wood Speak' is also included with each guitar.
There is little definitive information as to why David Rubio chose the name Joseph Steinman but seemingly his grandfather's name was Joseph Steinman and he was a violin maker.