Spruce/Indian Rosewood   2019

For a video demonstration, click here

TOP : Italian spruce
BACK and SIDES : Indian Rosewood
TUNERS : Alessi
FINISH : Varnish
NUT WIDTH : 52mm
String spacing at nut : 44mm
Hard Case included
Due Autumn 2019

Gioachino Giussani is one of Italy's most respected, influential and experienced luthiers. He has been making guitars since the 1970s and has had many international concert players play his guitars. This particular guitar has Senor Giussani's new bridge design which is similar to that of a steel string acoustic guitar where the strings tie underneath the bridge. This new bridge design gives the guitar more sustain and an overall lighter feel. This guitar will need very little playing in and I am confident it can be played in concert immediately. GIOACHINO GIUSSANI , Italy 
<br>Spruce/Indian Rosewood    2019

Watch a VIDEO demonstration of this guitar